Iskelmä Festival is about to start. In addition to the tree days of great music, there is a special part of the event waiting for all the festival guests. With over 500 saunas, Himos Holiday Centre is about to break the record by challenging all the festival guests to heat up own saunas on the 2nd of July at 11.00. Once the sauna is ready, come outside and wave a special orange flag given prior to the event, as a helicopter takes a video of this sauna movement.

To have it to even larger scale, join Iskelmä Festival guests by heating up own saunas during the same day and share own experiences with the rest of the world either by publishing a photo on Instagram #saunaregion or by sending it to Once submitted the photo, you can take part in a contest with super prizes.


Check infromation about the sauna heating challenge also through the Iskelmä Festival mobile app.