Finns are sauna folk. Saunakansa (engl. Sauna Folk) photo exhibition presents Finnish sauna culture. Photographer Emmi Minkkinen preserves sauna traditions of Finnish families by photographing ordinary sauna moments and ordinary Finns. The exhibition tells the stories behind these moments.

In Sauna Region Week 2018, one can find the exhibition from Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki, Jyväskylä. The exhibition can be found from ninth floor’s sauna area. During the week, everyone can try hotel Paviljonki’s saunas from 4 pm to 10 pm. The view from saunas towards Lake Jyväsjärvi is amazing.

The exhibition can be found also from another sauna event in Central Finland during 2018. World Sauna Forum is organized at same time with lightning event City of Light at Jyväskylä. World Sauna Forum takes place next to Hotel Alba, and it gathers together sauna professionals from all around the world. In the venue, there is also a Sauna of Light where everyone can bath while watching light installations The photo exhibition can be found from Hotel Alba’s lobby.

Winning picture by Emmi Minkkinen

Emmi Minkkinen is a photographer from Central Finland. She won a photography competition about daydreams in Central Finland in 18.4.2018 with her picture ,Kaikki mi kaunista on’ (picture above). In the picture, a man is throwing water in his face after swimming in the hole in the ice (avanto).

Saunakansa (eng. Sauna Folk) photo exhibition presents Finnish sauna traditions and the natural harmony and relaxation of sauna. The inspiration comes from sauna bathers, different sauna habits and authentic moments. Ordinal families, relatives, neighbors, and friends, who share the love towards sauna.

Sauna photography exhibition in Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljongissa during Sauna Region Week 30.6.-7.7.2018 and in Hotel Alba during World Sauna Forum 27.-28.9. Photographer Emmi Minkkinen’s website:

Pictures: Emmi Minkkinen. Please, contact the photographer, if you’re interested in using pictures.