Central Finland, the Sauna Region of the World, declared Christmas Sauna Peace for the first time last year, 16.12.2015, in the Holiday Centre Revontuli. To continue this tradition, this year Christmas Sauna Peace is declared 15.12.2016 at 10.30 in Varjola Holiday Centre.

Christmas sauna is an essential part of the Finnish Christmas traditions, it is a way of preparing for Christmas celebration with pure mind and body.

Sauna is a sacred place for Finnish people, it is the place where our ancestors met birth and death. Sauna is also a part of all the major Finnish holidays, such as Christmas.

Central Finland traditionally declares Christmas Peace about a week before the Christmas Eve. Declaration of Christmas Sauna Peace tells that preparations for Christmas sauna are done with devotion and care. Christmas sauna is a symbol of purity and a very important part of creating Finnish Christmas atmosphere.

Sauna Peace Declaration says (abridged):
In a week, with the God’s will, we celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior, and Central Finland hereby declares Christmas Sauna Peace, which shall be celebrated with joy and respect.

I wish all the people in the world a very Merry Christmas!