In addition to a wide range of destinations where you can enjoy one of a dozen different types of saunas, Sauna Region has a lot of interesting events, which bring the Finnish sauna culture closer to you. Have a look at the events and make your stay in Central Finland a memorable one!


Sauna from Finland organizes an international Sauna seminar about health, well-being and business from sauna. At the same time you can visit Hygge 2017 wellbeing fair at Jyväskylä Congress Centre, Paviljonki.


Savo Saunoo 21.-27.8.2017

Savo (region next to Central Finland) organises Savo goes to Sauna event 21.-27.8.2017. During this week different companies offer their sauna for public use. You can reserve a sauna for your family and friends to use privately.


Sauna Region Week 1-8.7.2017

Arranged for the first time in 2016, Sauna Region Week has become a great tradition for the region, which has some of the most interesting saunas and services. Get a chance to experience real Finnish saunas during Sauna Region Week 2017. The programme was officially announced during MATKA2017 Travel Fair in Helsinki.


Lady’s Peat Sauna in Tupaswilla 2017

Tupaswilla arranges peat sauna shifts for women on Mondays 6.3., 3.4, 8.5 and 5.6. at 17-19. During a sauna seccion in the world’s largest smoke sauna a professional peat therapist will instruct on methods of relaxation and cleansing with the helt of peat The session includes also swimming in a pond and snacks (tea or coffee and bread baked in Tupaswilla). Please take your iwn swimming suits, towels and a drinking bottle.

Reservations shall be made in advance by 12 o’clock: or  +358 20 7410 100.
Price: 30 €/person, cash only


Sauna Jazz 18.3.2017 at 16 in Aiko Manor

Aiko Manor becomes the centre of fun and music, as the Sauna Jazz Festival is arranged on March 18.  In addition to various saunas “on wheels”, guests of the festival can enjoy jazz music performed by   Vauhtivintillä Neliveto and Haulibros.
Tickets: 15 €,