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Sauna Region Week in Central Finland starts this Saturday, 29th June. The 4th Sauna Region Week takes place from 29th June to 7th July 2019. The program of the Sauna Region Week in Central Finland includes a wide range of sauna experiences, and this year is no exception. Both locals and travellers get an opportunity to enjoy a grand total of 76 sauna events in one week around Central Finland. The week is organized in cooperation with the municipalities, cities, enterprises and communities of the region.


Well-being as an essential part of the sauna experience


This summer, the Sauna Region Week in Central Finland provides an excellent chance to enjoy various well-being treatments among other treats. For instance, the Kinkamon Pirtti in Keuruu combines the oriental shindo stretching and quieting down with the traditional Finnish smoke sauna. And for putting muscles and body at ease you can go to a wellness-themed sauna trail. Guided sauna stretching helps to recuperate from the performance stress of everyday life at the Revontuli Resort in Hankasalmi.  Furthermore, the Toppala smoke sauna in Petäjävesi for example has sauna treatments available and the Varjolan farm in Laukaa provides the possibility to indulge in the Cinderella honey/salt mix anti-stress treatment in the calming warmth of a sauna.

Sauna in Finland is an essential part of life, well-being and relaxation. For Finns, the first sauna experiences start in early childhood and continue throughout the life. Sauna helps not only to improve physical state, it also restores inner balance. In Laukaa, the Perttulan tila farm owned by three sisters offers the possibility to enjoy the historical cellar sauna with a modern twist. Before taking to the sauna, bathers wind down and indulge in a footbath in the garden. The footbath relaxes, cleanses and softens the feet before the sauna session. The sauna of the farm is suited for bathers of all ages.

– The traditional Cellar Sauna of Perttula is ready for visitors! Our sauna facilities have recently been remodeled with respect to traditions, while also adding some modern conveniences, such as a relaxing jacuzzi. Our old-world wood-heated sauna stove guarantees a gentle steam bath and the crepuscular atmosphere of the sauna relaxes even the most stressed-out mind. You can also go take a dip in our outdoor warm water pool and listen to the silence of the surrounding nature, says Raisa Vesterinen from Perttulan tila.

A Finnish sauna can also be a zany one


Thanks to the impact of the strong history of Finnish sauna culture, many traditions, celebrations and other parts of Finnish culture are associated with the sauna. On the other hand, the sauna can also be a social event where ideas and thoughts are shared together. Fun is also an essential part of sauna. In Peurunka in Laukaa, three-member teams heat a specialist Savotta sauna tent to a temperature of 50–60°C as quickly as possible in the Sauna Heating World Championships. During the Sauna Marathon at Sarvenperä, bathers take to about 20 saunas along a trip of about 10km. On the other hand, at the Könkkölä farm in Jyväskylä, one can put the SAUNUS (a unique sauna made of a Ford Taunus car and the only one of its kind in the world) to test.

The Köyhyydenkylä (“Poverty Village”) in Rautionmäki in the old municipality of Sumiainen also gears up for the Sauna Region Week. The traditional village built and maintained with neighbourly help by the local village association heats a smoke sauna, a cart sauna and perhaps a stone sauna too if the latter is completed before the Week. The “Veikon Museo” with the village association’s wide and many-sided collection of objects is also open for sauna guests. The museum is an homage to the work and skills of local people who have made many of the objects and tools on display.

– The sauna price includes a tour of the place, stories about the village and, of course, coffee with bone-dry rusks. Plus the possibility to ski over a pond and to go cycling on a back-to-back tandem bike, comments Timo Boman from Köyhyydenkylä.

Central Finland has declared itself the world’s sauna region in 2015 and the Sauna Region Week, its annual main event, brings the various sauna events off the region together for a week. During the week, various accommodation offers and a free Wednesday round trip by bus between the various saunas are also available.

(Photo: Julia Kivelä)

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