Spa Hotel Scandic Laajavuori

Have you ever heard of a hotel, which has own sauna world? Spa Hotel Scandic Laajavuori in Jyväskylä has such a wide range of saunas that they have received a name of the Sauna World. Spa Hotel Scandic Laajavuori is a perfect place who those who want to combine an active day outdoors with relaxing in one of the best Spas in Finland. The hotel is located close to Laajis Ski Resort, approximately 4 km away from the city centre of Jyväskylä.

Besides the panoramic Spa, this hotel is well-known for its wellness services, delicious food and a great variety of rooms ranging from double rooms to suites which can accommodate up to 10 persons.
To get the most of the day at this hotel, try to combine sauna sessions with one of well-being or recreational activities. There is even own well-being coach who can help you to rebuild your own eating and exercising routines for a healthier life.

Sauna Relaxation

Altogether, there are seven types of saunas: City sauna, Cottage sauna and Forest sauna for men, Rose sauna and Crystal sauna for women. There are also steam sauna and infrared sauna for both men and women as well as two private saunas, which can be booked for groups. Each type of sauna has a special theme design adding to an overall experience.

In addition to the saunas, the Spa has a swimming pool, several hot and cold tubs, children’s pool, whirlpools and massage streams. It is worth mentioning that Scandic Laajavuori’s panorama swimming pool is among the unique ones in Finland. Panorama pool opens a breathtaking view into the forest creating a special feeling of being close to the nature.

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All year round
Sauna 30 minutes + Spa
Group size
4 (max 8)
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Sauna Packages

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