Sarvenperä Sauna Marathon is a summer event in Central Finland which combines the basic Finnish values: nature, sauna, and light exercise. In a full day program the participants learns to know the other participants, local culture, and local fauna.

Sauna Marathon is not a competition. It is a way to enjoy different kind of saunas in a good company. The participants will test 16-20 saunas. The trip is about 10 kilometers, and the participants will walk, swim, or row a boat on a way to different kind of saunas. The participants should reserve about 10 hours for the whole Marathon. The most interesting saunas on the way are traditional smoke saunas and transportable saunas.

The registration for the event in open in May.

Time: July 1, starting from 7:30 am
Sauna: Mixed sauna
Sauna clothing: The saunas are mixed, please wear swimsuit in sauna. Take your own sauna gear with you. There might be wet places during the marathon, so it is good to have suitable shoes and clothing.
Price: 70 euros per person
Group size: max. 80 persons, about 10 persons / group
Registration: Via email, May 4 – May 10, 2020:

Contact information:
The Old School of Sarvenperä
Löytänäntie 10, Kuohu
Tel. +358-45 120 1361