Revontuli Resort's Sauna World will have public sauna turns once or twice a week. The Open Sauna Night includes the use of the smoke sauna, tent sauna and an outdoor hot tub. In between saunas, you can have a dip in a fresh lake water - even when it's covered with ice! Please take your own towel and swimming suit with you.Open Sauna Nights will be announced on this page and in our Facebook page about 1-3 weeks in advance.

The upcoming Sauna Nights are:
Friday 2.11. at 16-20
Wednesday 7.11. at 16-20
Friday 16.11. at 16-20
Wednesday 21.11. at 16-20
Wednesday 28.11. at 16-20
Wednesday 5.12. at 16-20

SAUNA FEES: 12 € / adult, 6 € / child (4-12 years).
The admission fee is paid at the reception before continuing to the sauna dressing rooms by the Lake Iso-Virmas. There are separate dressing and shower rooms for ladies and men. When ready, continue to the mixed area where the saunas are. In the mixed area, please wear your swimsuit or wrap up in your towel.You can bring your own towel, a flannel to sit on (as the benches get hot), swimsuit, and sauna slippers. You can also rent all the sauna outfits from the Revontuli Resort (ask from the reception).

Train from Jyväskylä to Hankasalmi

There is a train connection from Jyväskylä to Hankasalmi which lasts abt. 20 minutes ( The same train comes all the way from Helsinki up to Hankasalmi. The ticket is from 2-10 euros. Please call Revontuli Reception if you need pick up Tel. +358 14 8448 200.