Kankaan Sauna is warm every day!

Kankaan Sauna is a public sauna located in Kangas, Jyväskylä. Here you can sauna bathe in over 100 years old gate building of Kangas’ paper factory. Sauna bathers are pampered not only by two saunas but also by an ”ice hole” pool. Facilities also include an A-licensed cafe, where you are welcomed with a warm smile.

Saunas are heated with Finnish Narvi’s high quality electric stoves. Softer ’löyly’ is provided by the larger sauna and the smaller sauna is for the hardcore sauna bathers who are not afraid of heat. The bigger sauna fits up to 15 sauna bathers and the smaller sauna about five. Sauna department has an access to the terrace outside for cooling off.

Kankaan Sauna arranges sauna evenings for men and women in turns every other evening. Every now and then mixed sauna evenings are also arranged. During mixed sauna evenings the dressing room will be divided with curtains. Saunas and showers are shared, so wearing a swinmsuit is mandatory during mixed sauna evenings.

See you at the Sauna!

Date: Kankaan Sauna will be warm every day according to normal business hours. Check the online booking calendar, if there is a womens or mens sauna evening on the particular day.
Sauna: Men and women sauna evenings every other evening.
Sauna outfit: Bathing suit optional. Bring your own seat cover and towel. Towels and seat covers can also be rented at an additional fee
Sauna fee: 10 euros for adults, 8,50 euros for students, 5 euros for children aged 7-18 years. Less than 7 years old children will sauna bathe free of charge when sharing a locker with their parents.

Contact information:
Kankaan sauna
Kympinkatu 3
40320 Jyväskylä
Instagram & Facebook: @kankaansauna

Photos: Mika Nuorva