Sauna of Kangas (Kankaan sauna) is located in over 100 years old Kangas paper factory building. The old brick building has a colourful history as it has served for example as a horse stable, a fire station and a paper factory.
What used to be an empty space will be brought back to life in 2020, when the doors of Sauna Of Kangas are opened in summer. During spring two saunas are built, from which the bigger one will accommodate about 10 to 15 sauna bathers. The smaller sauna is reserved for different themes such as whisk and peat sauna.

Sauna of Kangas also has a coffee shop, relaxed lounge area and a sun deck, so feel free to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy sunny days on the deck.
See you at the sauna!

Date: Prices and timetables are updated later.
Sauna: Women’s and men’s shifts every other night
Sauna outfit: Bring your own seat cover and towel. Towels and seat covers can also be rented at an additional fee
Price: Entry fee according to price list. Prices and timetables are updated later.

Contact details:
Kankaansauna Oy
Kympinkatu 3
40320 Jyväskylä