Welcome to enjoy the source of well-being, relaxation and silence: our traditional sauna. Our wood-heated log sauna offers traditional old-fashioned sauna bathing. Have breaks from sauna abthing and take a refreshing dip into the lake Päijänne. Fall in love with the beautiful summer sunset. When the night gets dark we’ll light up the space with candles and lanterns. Our traditional sauna is a mixed sauna so remember to pack up your bathing suit and towel.

Sauna fee includes fresh spring water, slices of rye bread, sausage to barbecue and pancakes on the campfire.

Our sauna is small and it can fit up to eight persons at the same time. You can spend an hour or the whole evening auna bathing. On summer 2020 we arrange open sauna nights as follows:

-Friday June 12th from 6pm until midnight
-Saturday June 27th from 6pm until midnight
-Friday July 17th from 6pm until midnight
-Saturday August 1st from 6pm until midnight
-Friday August 21st from 6pm until midnight

Sauna fee is 20 euros per person.

Remember to make the booking in advance, the maximum number of participants is 10 persons. Sauna is alcohol free. After sauna bathing you have the opportunity to accommodate at our Loistoaitta cabin. Price per night with your own linen is 25 euros per person and with our linen 40 euros per night per person. The following day we offer plentiful brunch setting for the price of 15 euros per person.

Contact information and bookings: Nukula Oy, Piililäntie 71, 41630 Oravasaari. p. +358-40-7038136, e-mail: info@nukula.fi. Bookings at least three days prior to sauna evening.