The smoke sauna is heated daily on the Sauna Region Week at 17.00pm-19.00pm. This smoke sauna with walls made of clay is recommended by The International Smoke Sauna Club Association.

When arriving to Korpitupa you will get a complimentary coffee with salty and sweet snacks. There are also beverages and towels provided.

The smoke sauna is a mixed sauna, with or without a swimming suit. The use of the swimming suit depends on the situation.

There is a possibility to have a small barbecue in the yard. Remember to bring your own food for the grill. You may also buy some small treats to be cooked on the grill from Korpikettu.

Time: June 26 - July 3 at 17.00pm-19.00pm
Sauna: Mixed sauna
Sauna outfit: With or without bathing suit, depends on the situation
Price: 25 € / person, includes coffee and snacks at arrival and when leaving the sauna. Sauna beverages and towels provided.
Reservations: No reservations

Contact information:
Laulajantie 179,
41860 Tikkala, Korpilahti
tel. +358-40-5370309