Haihatus Art Center takes part in Sauna Region Week on Saturday June 27th by offering entertaining sauna experiences spiced up with art and speech karaoke by artist group Speech Karaoke.
Haihatus is warming up to different types of saunas: Transit- sauna build in a delivery van that gives you the ”fastest” sauna experience in the county and a more traditional Haihatusauna that has been bathed by artists who visited the Art Center.

Transit Sauna by Haihatus’s director artist musician Risto Puurunen drives straight from Helsinki to offer you a sauna bathe of a lifetime, when this sauna build in delivery van takes you to an imaginary journey (note: Transit Sauna will not be moving during sauna bathing). Traditional Haihatus sauna will inspire you with different forms of art.

In addition to sauna bathing Haihatus also offers speech karaoke to keep you entertained. As the name implies, in speech karaoke singing is replaced by speaking and the stage is free for anyone to enter. Choose your favourite from over 600 written speeches, own the stage and interpret the speech from the bottom of your heart! There are political manifests, great movie speeches and speeches about world’s events from history to present up for grabs. More information about Speech Karaoke: http://speechkaraoke.org/about/

Time: June 27th
Summer exhibition open from 11 am until 10 pm
Saunas will be warm from 2 pm until 8 pm
Speech Karaoke from 2 pm until 10 pm

Sauna: Mixed sauna
Sauna outfit: Take your bathing suit
Price: Tickets 12€ / 10€ / 3€
Reservations: No reservations needed

Contact information:
Taidelaitos Haihatus
Jousitie 68-70
1950 Joutsa

Sauna photos: Benjamin Nozdrachev
Speech Karaoke photo: Speech Karaoke archive
Transit sauna: Risto Puurunen archive