You are welcomed to enjoy various saunas on Wednesday 3rd of July. We provide a free seat on the bus for 50 fastest enrollees.
Sign-up ends 2nd of July. Click here to sign up.
Separate entry fees are paid on every sauna. Jyväskylän Liikenne is responsible for the bus tour.
If there is room on the bus you can hop on the bus from the middle of the route. You can also hop off the bus in the middle of the route.

9.00 Bus tour starts at Jyväskylä Travel Centre
9.30-11.30 Scandic Laajavuori Spa 10€/person
The swimming pool section houses the Panorama pool, a children’s pool, a cold pool, a warm lagoon, a rehabilitation pool and a jacuzzi.
11.30-12.30 A possibility to enjoy a lunch at own cost in Scandic Hotel Laajavuori
12.30-13.00 Transfer to Könkkölä Experience Saunas
13.00-14.30 Könkkölä Experience Saunas 5€/person
We look forward to welcoming you to the Könkkölä saunas on the idyllic shores of Lake Köhniöjärvi on 3rd July. Come and test SAUNUS, a unique sauna made of Ford Taunus and the only one in the world. Remember to test the Lakeshore Saunas or visit Tent Sauna!
14.45-16.00 Transfer to Revontuli - The Northern Lights Resort
16.00-18.00 Sauna Trail and wellness stretching at Revontuli 12 €/person, under 12 years 6 €/person. Sauna stretching €15 / person.
The Revontuli shore saunas will be lit on Wednesday 3 July for all who wish to visit them. On the sauna path, you can try three different and enjoy the clean waters of Lake Iso-Virmasjärvi, all the while relaxing and recharging your batteries. On the sauna trail, you will experience soft smoke sauna steam, an atmospheric tent sauna and the Spell Sauna, where you can enjoy sauna honey and cream and practise Finnish sauna spells. There will also be a heated jacuzzi in which you can massage yourself in between dips in Lake Iso-Virmasjärvi.
There will be a guided sauna stretching in the tent sauna. The stretching lasts for half an hour and starts at 17:00. The moves of the sauna stretching are based on different yoga styles and are done at about 50 degrees Celsius while sitting in sauna. The gentle warmth of the sauna efficiently melts away the tension. The sauna is also a space for the ears and eyes to recover from the daily pressures. The workout in the sauna at a quiet pace calms your mind. Wear swimsuit or a short-sleeved and short-legged sports suit in the sauna stretching. Registrations by July 2nd.
18.00-19.15 A possibility to enjoy a dinner at own cost in Revontuli
19.15-20.00 Transfer to Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki
20.00-22.00 Sauna at Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki 5€/person
The Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki’s sauna, on the 9th floor, offers relaxing steam and breath-taking views over Lake Jyväsjärvi.

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