The Sauna at Lehtisaari Island Summer home is heated from Tuesday till Sunday: 29th and 30th of June and 2nd - 7th of July.

This sauna is free. Mixed sauna, bathing suit mandatory. Separate dressing rooms for men and women.

The boat from Lehtisaari Island will pick up customers from the dock of Viitaniemi. Life jackets provided. The first boat to the island leaves at 15:00 on weekdays and at 12:00 on weekends. The last boat leaves from Viitaniemi at 19:00.
The Sauna is closed at 20:00. Returns from the island every ten to the hour (xx:50). The last return leaves at 20:45.

TIME: 29.-30.6. and 2.-7.7. (closed on Mondays). Check the timetable for the boat!

Jyväskylän seurakunta (Evangelican Lutheran Church of Finland)
The Dock of Viitaniemi (Sauna at Lehtisaari Island Summer home). You will find the dock when walking from the end of Viitaniementie via a small path to the beach. There is a sign "Lehtisaari" next to the dock.
tel. +358-50-549-7011