During summer 2020 we were searching for sauna moments from the Sauna Region of the World! The competition has ended and the prizes have been delivered to the lucky winners. Thank you all for your lovely sauna moments! Scroll down and have a look at some of the wonderful photos we received.

You can still share your sauna moment! #saunaregion #jyvaskylaregion #visitjyvaskyla #centralfinland

In the Sauna Region of the World sauna is present in our lives every day in many different ways. Jyväskylä Region cherishes its sauna culture diligently and we have sauna expertise in many fields, such as sauna bathing activity products for tourists. Even though Sauna Region Week 2020 had to be canceled, there are still lots of smaller sauna events for you to enjoy throughout the summer! You can also take a look at the programme for Sauna Region Week 2021!

We were looking for memorable sauna moments from all over the Jyväskylä Region (the province of Central Finland)! What is your sauna moment in the Sauna Region like? Is it a sauna on your travel bucket list? Is the best sauna bathing moment the one when you jump into a lake from your summer cottage’s dock? There are as many types of sauna moments as there are sauna bathers – someone might say that their favorite sauna memory is a pampering sauna treatment on a holiday and someone finds sauna bathing with your team after winning the championship to be the most memorable sauna moment.

Main Photo: Julia Kivelä.

This is how you could participate:

– One overnight stay for two in a suite with sauna (Ultimate Solo) in Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki, Jyväskylä.
– Sauna night for two at Revontuli Resort (incl. two free tickets to Revontuli Resort’s Open sauna night and two burger portions at the Bowling Diner).
– Sauna night for two at Varjola Resort (incl. two free tickets to Varjola Resort’s Open sauna night and a small sweet and coffee / tea before the sauna for two in Bistro Sylvi) or
– Two free tickets for a sauna night in Jämsä Sauna Village (five ticket sets in the raffle).

Sauna moment challenge was on from June 25th until July 4th 2020. The raffle was operated on July 6th. Read further for participation details.

– Share a photo and a short story of your sauna moment on your Instagram feed using hashtag #saunaregion or #saunamaakunta and also tag our account @centralfinland. Sauna moments can also be direct messaged.

– Share a photo and a short story of your sauna moment on Facebook by commenting on the contest post in Visit Central Finland’s Facebook page. You can also send us your sauna moment via Facebook Messenger.

– If you’re not on social media, sauna moments can also be shared from Google Forms.

Taking part in this contest on Instagram using hashtag #saunaregion or #saunamaakunta, Instagram’s direct message, Facebook comment or private message or Google Forms you give as the permission to use your photo, story and name/user name on our campaign page on saunaregion.fi website and on Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region’s social media (@centralfinland on Instagram and Visit Central Finland on Facebook). Raffle is only for the sauna moments posted from the Jyväskylä Region (the province of Central Finland). Contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook or Instagram. Please notice, that unfortunately we won’t be able to share every photo sent to the competition, but all the sent photos (with stories) from the region are in the competition. The photos and stories must be taken by the user and according to all rules and guidelines (for example, in accordance with good taste and ensuring that all persons in the image are aware of the image and its possible sharing).