Sauna is a crucial part of the Finnish lifestyle and wellbeing. Since the life in Finland is rather hard to imagine without a sauna, there are many legends and stories created around it. There are also some undeniable facts, which give a glimpse at this interesting phenomenon. Here are the TOP-5 facts about sauna.

Fact #1

There are so many saunas in Finland that the Finnish population of 5.4 mln can have a sauna evening all at once.

Fact #2

The word ‘sauna’ is perhaps the only Finnish word which has spread around the world without it being translated into other languages.

Fact #3

A well-known Finnish proverb says that “If tar, liquor and sauna will not be of help the disease is fatal”. Indeed, for many Finns sauna is the first remedy against many illnesses.

Fact #4

One of the first written descriptions of a Finnish sauna dates back to 1112, being perhaps one of the oldest Finnish inventions which survived throughout centuries.

Fact #5

The world’s largest traditional (smoke) sauna is located in the Jyväskylä Region at Laukaa’s Tupaswilla. Up to 150 people can enjoy sauna at once.


  • How long should I be in a sauna?

    There is no exact rule as to the time that has to be spent in a sauna. It can range from a 10-minutes session to a longer period of time. The most important rule to follow is that all the sauna experience has to be pleasant.

  • Can I wear a swimsuit in a sauna?

    The most traditional and natural way of enjoying sauna is while being there in nude. If you feel, however, uncomfortable about it, you can cover yourself with a towel. Swimsuits made of synthetic materials are not so good for your body.

  • Can I drink anything in between sauna sessions?

    Yes, you can and have to drink plenty. While staying in a hot sauna, you sweat a lot. To avoid dehydration, enjoy fresh water, which, despite any assumptions, is the best drink after sauna.

  • Are there any health concerns, which have to be taken into account before going to a sauna?

    Sauna has a lot of health benefits and suits practically anyone. It is not advisable to spend time in a sauna only for people with severe heart problems or fresh injuries.