Sauna Industry

The Province of Central Finland has a large number of companies producing saunas and items related to the sauna. Harvia is the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer, which also provides solutions for a wide variety of saunas. Other companies within this sector are Sun Sauna, Huliswood, Sisu Sauna, Savotta, Saunansydän and Honkarakenne. All these companies take part in organizing Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region events such as the Sauna Region Week .

Sauna Associations

Sauna from Finland

Sauna from Finland is a network of over 100 companies willing to embrace the Finnish culture through the world-wide known steamy leisure activity. For newbies there is a My First Sauna programme available, which creates a memorable and safe experience for those who is just getting acquainted to the Finnish traditions.
International visitors demand high-quality services that is why Sauna from Finland have started to award an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate to those companies that have managed to gift their guests some unique sensations and memories about Finnish recreational industry. There are more than twenty saunas that have been honored to get the certificate. You can find Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience saunas in Central Finland for example from these resorts:

Holiday Centre Revontuli

Varjola Holiday Centre / Koskenniska Smoke Sauna

Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki

Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra

All members of the network are provided with top-notch experts in the field of PR, designers, consultants, even producers, and many others with a work experience in the area of sauna business.

Contact information:
Carita Harju
Executive Director
Tel: +358 40 566 2481

The Finnish Sauna Society

The Finnish Sauna Society have existed since the first half of 20th century and finds its mission in preserving the cultural heritage of the Finnish sauna. Nowadays, the Society has approximately 4200 members and all of them find a pleasure in spreading the message about sauna’s advantages for the health and fighting all misunderstandings that foreigners have by publishing relevant information in diverse media sources, including SAUNA magazine, papers, books etc., conducting scientific research, and supporting other members of sauna industry. The Finnish Sauna Society mostly consists of enthusiastic individuals, but companies can join as supporting members too. In Helsinki there is a sauna house open for all members, which supports the culture of separate gender days. Therefore, women are warmly welcomed on Mondays and Thursdays, while men – on all other days of the week, except Sundays. The facilities of the house, which is located in the green natural environment not far from the city centre are:
• six genuine saunas heated with firewood;
• cafeteria and lounge;
• outside porch;
• possibility to swim in the sea, also in winter;
• services of a washing lady and a masseur;
• sauna library;
• office and conference rooms
Contact information:
Katariina Styrman
Phone: +358 50 371 8178

International Sauna Association

International Sauna Association, established in 1957, has its headquarter in Helsinki, and other members are located in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Japan, and of course, all over Finland. The Association underlines the importance of sauna’s mantra that “everyone is equal”, which is the main reason for a total relaxation and stress release being relieved while enjoying this peculiar experience. Moreover, it allows to appreciate more the social bonds that are created during the time sauna fans share together.
Not a single real Finnish sauna experience is going to be complete, as International Sauna Association believes, without whisking, which is a procedure of patting or brushing one’s body with a tool made of young birch twigs. Depending on guest’s preferences, whisking can be soft and relaxing or even rather brutal, but still exciting.

Contact information:
Risto Elomaa
Phone: +358 40 596 4022