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In recent years, interest towards natural substances, which can be used in spa treatments, has increased. On the search of the treatments in Finland, peat (in Finnish ‘turve’) has made its way back to spa salons and saunas.


Peat is a 100% natural product and contains no additives. It is drawn from underground where bioactive ingredients have been combined and formed a substance with acids and minerals. The therapeutic effects of peat are numerous. It is used for muscle relaxation, skin cleansing, increase of metabolism and body detox. In addition to all these effects, it is proven that peat is suitable for practically any type of skin as it has not allergenic effects.


Traditional peat treatments include body masks, facial masks, leg and feet treatments as well as procedures on back, neck and shoulders. These treatments are often combined with sauna sessions so that the heat of the sauna can speed up the processes. As a result of a one-time session you will feel relief in your muscles and have soften and more radiant skin. For ailment treatment several sessions are recommended.


In addition to all the benefits, a peat treatment is also a lot of fun!

Where can you find peat treatments:
Varjola Holiday Centre

Photos: Petri Blomqvist

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