#Saunas Mar 08, 2019 13:27 GMT

This year the Sauna Heating World Championship is having a National Qualification “Japan Cup” for the first time ever!

The first National Qualification in Japan is held on Friday 12th of April.

The event schedule:
9:00 Open the entrance
10:00 First match
11:00 Second match
12:00 Third match
(*13:00 Forth match if needed)
14:00 Music Live
15:00 Final match
16:00 Awards ceremony
18:00 Close the event

Place: Tokitama Himitsukichi Comoriver
Ooaza Hongo Tokigawa-cho Hiki-gun Saitama Japan

Read more about the National Qualification in Japanese here: https://comoriver.com/

Read more about the Sauna Heating World Championship in English here: https://saunaregion.fi/saunas/saunahwc/

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