Sauna Village

The world’s one and only Sauna Village is under construction in Jämsä. The Sauna Village was originally built in the 1980s in Muurame and it is the world’s biggest collection of saunas. Currently the village is transferred to Juoksulahti in Jämsä, to the lakeside of Päijänne. The oldest smoke sauna of the collection dates back to the 18th century. The Sauna Village has a wide variety of smoke saunas. Some of the saunas will remain as the museum items, while the majority of the saunas will be in use. According to the representative of the Finnish Sauna Culture Association Saija Silén, the goal of this large project is to heat the first sauna in the Sauna Village in 2017.

Photo: Kari Vainiomäki