Visit Central Finland represents and markets tourism companies from Central Finland. The work started with a digital marketing project aiming at Russian tourists 1.1.2014-11.3.2016. The idea behind the project came from the Tourism Board, which operates as a coherent entity under the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce.

The second development project running from 1.1.2016 until 28.2.2018 under the name Stopover Central Finland aims at marketing the region and sales of the packages to Central Europe and Asia. The work among the international tourism continues with Lakeland project with Visit Finland, Visit Lahti, Visit Tampere and Häme Region.  Besides marketing, the goal of the project is to develop tourism products and services with a focus on sauna packages for international tourists. Sauna is the key word because Central Finland has declared itself as a Sauna Region of the World on 1st September 2015. The basis for such a title comes from the fact that a lot of companies from sauna industry as well as tourism companies with sauna services are concentrated in Central Finland. That is why we are happy to offer some of the most unique sauna experiences for both Finnish and international guests.

Welcome to Sauna Region and have the best sauna experience in the world!