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Sauna is one of Finland’s most cherished traditions. Finns have used it for cleansing and relaxation for centuries. Although the traditions of enjoying a steamy room have remained practically the same, places where one can have a sauna have become more diverse.

As the title would imply, Sauna Region, or Central Finland, has some rather unique places to dive into this part of the culture. If you are looking for experiences like no others, check our TOP-3 list of unique places to enjoy a sauna.

The world’s largest smoke sauna

Tupaswilla smoke sauna

Do you know that the world’s largest smoke sauna is located in Central Finland, in Tupaswilla? Being an impressively large log building, it has space for up to 150 bathers at once. Soft heat and pleasant aroma of the burnt wood make this sauna experience unforgettable. No wonder it has been voted as Finland’s best smoke sauna.


Sauna in a houseboat

Houseboat in Jyväskylä

A boat and an accommodation with a sauna. Would this sound like a perfect combo? Indeed, “parked” for the winter in the heart of Jyväskylä – in Jyväskylä harbor, a houseboat is a very special place to have a sauna. Right after a session you can have a dip in the ice hole (if you dare!) in Lake Jyväsjärvi.


Sauna in a tent

Revontuli tent sauna

Being outdoorsy people, Finns have decided to combine tent life culture with sauna culture. A sauna in a tent is an incredibly fun experience. Alhtough the structure is not that typical, don’t think that it is somewhat “colder” in a tent sauna – you can easily reach 80 C and more. In fact, tent saunas have become so popular that the main challenge for the Sauna Heating World Championship included the process of assembling and heating it up. To enjoy heat in a tent, visit Holiday Centre Revontuli.


Banner photo and Tupaswilla photo: Petri Blomqvist

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