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We are a large network of tourism organisations and industrial companies in Central Finland. This is the network, which knows a lot about sauna, sauna culture and which comprises of people who truly love sauna in its all forms and shapes.

Located in the Lakeland, Central Finland has some of the most spectacular places to dive into the sauna culture. Some of the most unique destinations where sauna traditions are preserved from generation to generation, giving visitors an opportunity to experience an authentic Finnish sauna can be found in Central Finland.

Whether the sauna has become a crucial part of your life or it has been seen as something rather exotic, the Sauna Region opens up to everyone the world of the Finnish sauna.

*Main photo: Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

Sauna in Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki


In these blogs Sauna Region shares some insights into sauna culture, traditions and interesting programme options. Whether sauna is a part of your everyday or something totally new, check Sauna Region blog to find out more information about one of the best Finnish inventions – sauna!




Arranged for the first time in 2016, Sauna Region Week has become a great tradition for the region, which has some of the most interesting saunas and services. Get a chance to experience real Finnish saunas…


Sauna packages

Spa, holiday centres and hotels of Central Finland offer a wide range of possibilities to enjoy the sauna. Whether you travel with a large group of friends, with your husband or wife, or with children, you can definitely find the best option. All the packages include not only a sauna session but other services and […]


Finnish Sauna

Sauna is an important part of Finnish culture. It is a place for relaxation, for a casual chat with friends and family and a way of improving one's health. How important is sauna for Finns? Finland is a country of slightly over five million inhabitant, that has over tree million saunas. These figures are just for understanding the importance that sauna has for Finns.

What is Sauna?

Sauna in Finland is an essential part of life, well-being and relaxation


Experience Finnish Sauna

Nothing can explain the essence of the sauna better than your own experience


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